We deliver a full range of services to address the specific needs of each client.


Our strategic consultancy service starts with in-depth analysis of the client’s current and future organisational structure, as well as examining the distribution model for the various work areas in order to identify spatial needs in quantitative and qualitative terms.

This consultancy process includes conducting interviews and personalised questionnaires on the client to identify the characteristics and functionalities of each space, location of different departments and relations among them. The result of this strategic consultancy process is a detailed survey on which the new office project will be based.


After thorough analysis of the specific needs of the client, we develop a preliminary bespoke project based on optimisation criteria in terms of the distribution of spaces and environmental and economic sustainability.

The graphic presentation of the project is complemented by 3D infographics, displaying images of the design with the combination of textures and materials selected.


By implementing a business model based on a turnkey concept, we provide everything needed to develop and execute projects fully.

Our team of professionals manages the project from start to finish and supervises and monitors the various phases of execution, guaranteeing that the end result meets the technical specifications, costs and deadlines agreed. The turnkey service encompasses planning work spaces, architectural and interior design, the selection of furniture and furnishings, installations, execution and overseeing of the fit-out work, as well as removal services and applications for licenses.


The 25+ years of experience we have acquired in developing offices and work spaces, affords us a competitive advantage in executing and coordinating fit-out work, including careful planning and supervision of projects to ensure that each one is completed successfully.

We also undertake specific jobs such as dividing up the work space using screens and plasterboard, installing false ceilings, raised floors, flooring, woodwork and carpentry, electricity and HVAC systems, automation, audio-visual systems, equipment, furniture and removal service.


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